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Individuals with ambiguous genitalia or a mixture of male and female sex organs are often viewed as freaks or monstrosities, and physicians quickly try to convert them to one of the two sexes through highly invasive procedures.
Lichen sclerosus is treated by dermatologists (skin doctors) and by gynecologists if the female genitalia are involved.
Male genitalia may function as weapons in male-female conflicts over control of events associated with copulation (Lloyd 1979; Alexander et al.
After parents of a newborn baby girl with CAH have digested this frightening aspect of the condition, they must process how best to respond to their daughter's atypical genitalia.
Part three singles out for sustained interpretation nine maren whose primary focus is on female genitalia and libido.
Transmissible venereal tumors mainly affect the external genitalia and occasionally the internal genitalia of dogs.
The ruling has established legal precedent for people born with ambiguous genitalia.
The male genitalia of holotype and female genitalia of allotype were dissected as to compare this new species with its allied species H.
COMSTOCK (1961) no describe su armadura genital, sino que hace un recuento unificado de la genitalia de las especies de Polygrapha (s.
How about products resembling male or female genitalia displayed at adult sex shops?
It's not just men who back the practice that involves the removal of the external genitalia.
Hampson (1896) gave only morphological features of this pest in his "Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma," and Rose (1982) described only the male genitalia of the type species of various species of Pyraustinae (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) from North India, including C.
These species are redescribed on the basis of the morphological characters, male and female external and internal genitalia.
With her genitalia in his mouth and his genitalia in her mouth, they were one large oh, oh, you know, they could basically fall totally into each other.
DISCUSSION: In leprosy, lesions are not commonly seen over the genitalia because of the relatively higher local temperature in this area due to the effect of heavy undergarments.