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The male genitalia is closer to Cyclatemnus in appearance than to Titanatemnus, although it is not similar to C.
In a study of 44 teenage girls (mean age 15 years) who had undergone reconstructive genital surgery in childhood because of intersex genitalia, 43 needed further intervention either for functional, or cosmetic purposes.
At the same time it should be clear that the discussion about the shape and function of human genitalia was conducted in that period still primarily on the Continent and in Latin.
Male genitalia with socii and teguminal processes; subscaphium present; gnathos upcurved; valva elongate; saccus as an elongate arm; vesica with cornutal zone comprised of spinules.
It is also the case that genitalia are affected by birth defects more than almost any other organ.
Patented is an insert comprising a scrotal catch and a non-flexible cup, wherein the scrotal catch is liquid permeable and flexible, such that the scrotal catch conforms to a contour of a scrotum, and wherein the scrotal catch is configured to support, protect or cover at least a portion of the scrotum and to provide a barrier to reduce or prevent the passage of fecal matter to a genital area, and wherein the cup is configured to support, protect or cover at least a portion of a male's genitalia.
He charged guests around 160 pounds per person to eat his severed genitalia in Tokyo, Japan.
As predicted from theory, genitalia had the lowest allometric values, fighting structures the highest.
The result is fever, skin lesions, and swelling of the legs and genitalia.
It contains 12 superfoods known to pep up the sex drive, including ginseng root which increases blood flow to the genitalia.
During the procedure, which is often associated with African cultures, part of the genitalia are removed.
The cleancast faces of these butt-ugly buccaneers arrested viewers with spaghetti junctions of gashes, gouges, and withered wounds where dismembered male genitalia sprouted from empty eye sockets or turds tumbled from a gaping maw.
In one, a pair of black pantihose stuffed like legs sat on a stool with what looked like male genitalia stuck where her absent shoulders should have been.
Daniel Shoskes, Cleveland Clinic Florida, will present a moderated poster on "Anti-Nanobacterial Therapy in Men with Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and Prostatic Stones" (abstract #238) during the conference's Infections/Inflammation of the GU Tract: Prostate, Urethra & Genitalia (II) session, on Saturday, May 21, 2005, at 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM, in Convention Center/Room 008.
Adults images were taken by a NIKON D90 digital camera, and genitalia were photographed by a Carl Zeiss Discovery V12 system.