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of or relating to the external sex organs


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Most herpes patients shed the virus in the genital tract.
Macroscopically, lesions in FGS may mimic any neoplastic or infectious process in the female genital tract.
Our results suggest that REMUNE(R) antigen plus CpG ODN when given as a intranasal immunization can induce significant levels of HIV-specific immunity in the genital tract of mice," said Dr.
Rhabdomyoma should be considered in the clinicopathologic differential diagnosis of tumors in the male genital tract, and further documentation and follow-up of such cases will help better define the behavior and prognosis of these lesions.
Schaeffer G: Tuberculosis of the female genital tract.
The tumors are non-malignant, but disfigure the genital tract and can be painful.
1,2] With fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis, male cells have been found in the female genital tract after sexual contact.
gonorrhoeae to spread to the fallopian tubes and elsewhere in the upper genital tract.
OTCBB: SPRX) to detect cervical cancer and precancer could reduce unnecessary biopsies by 55% while accurately detecting disease, according to results of a study published in the January edition of the Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease.
In a study where oxytocin levels were studied before and after sexual and genital tract stimulation, results showed an immediate increase.
Further tests showed that, in some cases, the bacteria had been transferred from the lower genital tract to the follicular fluid during the medical procedure used to collect eggs known as transvaginal oocyte retrieval (TVOR).
A total of 725 nonpregnant women aged 15-30 years who were either diagnosed with a lower bacterial genital tract infection (purulent cervical discharge, untreated Neisseria gonorrhoeae or Chlamydia trachomatis infection, symptomatic bacterial vaginosis) or were at risk for such an infection (sexual contact with a male diagnosed with gonorrheal, chlamydial, or nongonococcal urethritis) were recruited from sexually transmitted disease clinics and gynecology clinics.
Atlas of infectious diseases of the female genital tract.
Over the past year, researchers have found that even when drugs suppress the virus to nearly undetectable amounts in a person's bloodstream, slowly replicating HIV may be hiding in sanctuaries such as the lymph nodes or genital tract.
Genital warts are an apparently harmless but disfiguring disease of the genital tract and perianal region that affects two million people in the USA alone.