genital system

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Ultrastructure of the primary male genital system, spermatozoa, and spermiogenesis of Hypochilus pococki (Araneae, Hypochilidae).
Because of the enormous expansion of knowledge and interest in this field, in the current third series the male genital system has been divided into 2 fascicles.
It's much better thought of as the male climacteric or andropause, which envelopes all the changes going on in the body and mind as the male genital system begins to wane over quite a long time.
antibacterial agents for systemic use, medicines for respiratory, vaccines, corticosteroids, medicines for cardiovascular, sex hormones and modulators of the genital system, anesthetics , agents that reduce blood clotting) divided into 55 parts, the issue of character: zp.
Arranged by clinical questions rather than organ systems, the chapters are grouped into sections that include the abdomen, male genital system, female pelvis, obstetric patient, pediatric patient, and vascular system.
The male genital system of Solifugae is divided into three different parts: a) a common genital chamber, b) the paired tubular vasa deferentia and c) the long, thin testes.