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of or relating to the external sex organs


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In June the follicles contained a quantity of sperm, which in many males was flooding into the genital ducts (Fig.
Male genital ducts in the salamanders Eutycea lucifuga and Eutycea longicauda.
It acts on the female genital ducts and mammary glands to regulate the birthing process and milk secretion.
In the embryo, gonadal hormones regulate development of the genital ducts and external genitalia.
the gonads, genital ducts, and external genitalia) is regulated by the pituitary gland, which is regulated by the brain.
In the first step of sexual differentiation, the differentiated gonad directs development of the genital ducts and external genitalia.
In addition, two sets of genital ducts (Wolffian and Mullerian) are readily apparent and extend from the mesonephros to the urogenital sinus.
The presence of testes induces masculinization of the genital ducts and external genitalia.
The genital ducts of the female include the vagina, uterus, and oviducts.
Microscopically, the cervix resembles the other portions of the genital ducts, but with some notable exceptions (Figure 5-29).
The genital organs of the male and female include the gonad, genital ducts, and external genitalia.
Genital ducts The ducts of the genitals (epididymis and ductus deferens in males, and vagina, uterus, and oviducts in females).