geniculate body

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one of four small oval masses that protrude slightly from the underside of the thalamus and function as synaptic centers on the way to the cerebral cortex

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The researchers showed that dyslexic adults have a malfunction in a structure that transfers auditory information from the ear to the cortex is a major cause of the impairment: the medial geniculate body in the auditory thalamus does not process speech sounds correctly.
The researchers' next project is now to study whether current treatment programs can influence the medial geniculate body in order to make learning to read easier for everyone in the long term.
The anterior choroidal artery (Table 1) is responsible for supplying blood to deep structures of the brain including the globus pallidus (basal ganglia), lateral geniculate body (thalamus), posterior limb of the internal capsule and medial temporal lobe.
The next stage of the pathway is the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), sometimes termed the lateral geniculate body (LGB) or lateral geniculate complex (LGC).
9) During intrauterine development, myelination of retinal ganglion cell axons starts from the lateral geniculate body and proceeds through the optic tracts, chiasm and optic nerves.