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of or relating to or produced by or being a gene

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We documented abundant genic and genotypic diversity rangewide in Perkinsus marinus, but genetic distances among populations did not increase as a simple function of their intervening geographical distance.
This altered methylation was associated with an increased number of pre adipocytes in the MSC compartment and an increased frequency with which MSCs differentiate into adipo cytes upon adipo genic stimulation (Kirchner et al.
of the Balearic Islands, Spain), and Spiker (general manager, Early Childhood Program, Center for Education and Human Services, SRI International, US), the 17 chapters of this text explore the ways in which a comprehensive neurocognitive rehabilitation program for Down syndrome may be conceptualized and carried out, taking into account insights from such fields as neurogenetics, experimental environmental enrichment in animal models, molecular and genic therapies, pharmacology, pediatrics, and cardiology.
We obtained values of genotypic and genic differentiation between our population and reference populations by estimating [F.
Genic serili iki bagimsiz calismada ANCA (ozellikle de p-ANCA ve MPO-ANCA) olgularin %40'inda gosterilmistir (2).
Ancak hem alt yapi ve sarf malzeme maliyeti yuksekligi hem de ayni donemde ESWL'nin gereginden fazla populer hale gelmesi nedeni ile ilk genic PNL serilerinin yayinlanmasi 2000'1i yillari bulmustur.
Amac: Parapnamonik plevral efuzyonlar; minimal-komplike olmayan efUzyonlardan, komplike efuzyon ve ampiyeme kadar genic bir yelpazede karsimiza cikabilir.
We detected the effects of downregulation of SR-A gene expression by immunostaining with anti-SR-A antibody (SRA-C6; Trans Genic Inc) combined with Alexa 488 antimouse IgG.
Experiments on direct contact condensation have been conducted with steamwater by Genic [10] and presented a regression equation between liquid phase transfer units and kinetic energy parameter given by
Although 20 percent of these patients were critically ill and required emergency treatment for cardio genic shock or abnormal heart rhythm to keep them alive, all patients survived the first 48 hours and experienced a full and complete recovery.
The genic is out of the bottle and it is predicted that the newly monied and mobile Chinese will eventually become the world's most prolific tourists.
1995, "Mechanisms of genic male sterility," Crop Sci.
Genic Powers has worked in corrections since 1974, serving for several years as a correctional officer, probation and parole officer, and in other positions in probation and parole.