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in an affable manner

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A low point came last Veterans Day when, after meeting genially with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump derided Clapper, Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey as "political hacks.
And so we come to Mirga, finding a perfect balance between the Handel-influenced mighty choruses and the Mozart-suffused solo arias (fantastic CBSO woodwinds), and always allowing Haydn himself to smile genially at us in a work whose performance here almost induced me to reject Charles Darwin and his theories.
The Supreme Court had not long ago said that the Ayodhya question must be settled genially through "a heartfelt meeting" of all gatherings, with Chief Justice JS Khehar notwithstanding offering his own intervention.
Plus, he really knew his way around a cake and had a genially chaotic home environment.
Not really," Collins says genially during a call to his home in Winter Park, Florida, where he lives with his fiancee, the poet Suzannah Gilman.
He was towering above all but genially smiling at and greeting everyone around.
There were street dancers who cajoled us into joining their group (which we genially obliged), and we found ourselves dancing and chanting in the streets.
com)-- In the coming weeks, Genially is searching for college students who are finishing their degree or Master's and presenting for their Final Year Project or Master's Thesis.
Arguably the most talented bricoleur of his generation--resourceful and inventive, a maestro of the giddily improbable--Tim Hawkinson has produced a deeply peculiar, genially sprawling body of work across his more than three-decade-long career.
Here you are genially walking out when this person spots his family and since it is mandatory to greet them smack, right dab in the middle of the Exit, he just stops.
David Silverman hustled to the front of the room, smiling genially.
While "Glee'' was often a more subversive show than it is given credit for, an hour of the genially bright cast singing songs such as "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me'' and "Sweet Transvestite'' pushed the show to its limits, creating an hour of TV that was more awkward than anything.
The Sphinx might seem to be a story of political failures and discards, but it is an invaluable, nuanced, and well-researched study of the political currents surging through American society as war approached, and Wapshott's portrait of the genially, ingeniously scheming Roosevelt enlivens every chapter.
Mortality's Muse is a rare book: thoroughly researched, genially delivered.