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Synonyms for genially

in an affable manner

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The man thus genially addressed had desisted from drumming on the door and retreated sullenly into a corner as Fisher continued to address him in a flowing monologue.
Hilbery reappeared talking genially to a figure who remained hidden behind her.
His flight from the active world, so genially celebrated in this newly published poem of The Recluse; his flight to the Vale of Grasmere, like that of some pious youth to the Chartreuse, is the most marked event of his existence.
I'm sure of it, my dear," asserted the Scarecrow, still smiling genially.
All right, I'll wait," replied the Pumpkinhead, in a surly tone -- although his face smiled as genially as ever.
Harrison genially one evening when Anne was taking tea with him and Mrs.
Oh, yes you do, McMurdo," cried Sherlock Holmes, genially.
Introduced as Charles, he transferred his scowl and wrath to Tarwater, who, genially oblivious, devoted himself to the fire, took advantage of the chill morning breeze to create a draught which the other had left stupidly blocked by stones, and soon developed less smoke and more flame.
He said genially that he would carry it himself, and he did; he carried it quickly and correctly through the thick of you, a waiter with an obvious errand.
These evenings must have been great fun," said Poirot genially.
Aunt Mildred greeted him with a glow of fondness and motherly kindness, while Uncle Robert genially and heartily demanded, "Well, Chris, my boy, and what of the riding?
Stepan Arkadyevitch, without hearing him out, laid his hand genially on the secretary's sleeve.
After genially presiding over the Last Night of the Proms in September 2014, Sakari Oramo returned to the Royal Albert Hall with his BBC Symphony Orchestra last Friday for perhaps the more serious business of launching the 2015 Prom season.
Their ability to produce high quality designs together with an understanding of what makes a building successful commercially, operationally, environmentally and socially is genially masked in their work.