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a biologist who specializes in genetics

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Another group of researchers, led by Eske Willerslev, an evolutionary geneticist at the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, recently came to a similar conclusion.
Much of the ancestry work is being done by Yale University geneticist Kenneth Kidd, who has developed a panel of 55 "ancestry informative single nucleotide polymorphisms" (AISNPs), which divide people into eight geographical regions, such as Europe, East Asia and the Pacific.
Continue reading "How One of the World's Leading Geneticists Recovered His Family's Stolen Legacy" at.
We don't have enough geneticists and we don't need a geneticist in every hospital.
Evolutionary geneticist David Reich and a team of researchers have presented a more complete genetic analysis of those ancient hominids in addition to bits of an extinct population that resided in Asia 30,000 years ago.
The geneticist was negligent in failing to provide this information.
Vogel, a plant geneticist and research leader of the ARS Grain, Forage and Bioenergy Research Unit in Lincoln, Neb.
Geneticists will screen thousands of cell lines from mice, each with a missing gene.
In total, that's about one full-time clinical geneticist per 600,000 people, according to the American College of Medical Genetics--short of one per 250,000 people, which the Royal College of Physicians recommends.
might not necessarily agree with the quick move to the for-profit arena in which DNA research is heading, but the geneticist at the University of Massachusetts Lowell remains cautiously optimistic about what the research can do.
Wengui Yan, a geneticist at Stuttgart, leads efforts to build the core collection with geneticist Georgia Eizenga, plant molecular pathologist Yulin Jia, chemist Rolfe Bryant, and J.
BCC and SCC have clear dose-response curves with sun exposure, says Nick Hayward, a human geneticist at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane.
Of all species of mammals, or animals that nurse their young with milk, "dogs probably have the greatest range of morphologic (pertaining to physical shape and size) variation," says Elaine Ostrander, a geneticist who studies heredity, at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI).
1987: President Ronald Reagan appoints Frank Lilly, a geneticist and former board member of Gay Men's Health Crisis, to the President's Commission on the HIV Epidemic.
In Search of the Spiritual Genome: The Complete Blueprint of Man offers Biblical geneticist Jakob Fuqua's theories and evidence concerning mankind's origins.
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