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the belief that all human characteristics are determined genetically

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We don't have the geneticism of the Polynesians that gives them that power at a young age, but then they can struggle aerobically, so it works both ways.
Thus he had to navigate between the Scylla and Charybdis of logicizing structuralism and psychologistic geneticism (even in the subtle and pernicious form of the "transcendental psychologism" attributed to Kant).
Individual, Family and Societal Dimensions of Genetic Discrimination: A Case Study Analysis," Science and Engineering Ethics 2 (1996) 71-88; also Susan Wolf, "Beyond `Genetic Discrimination': Toward the Broader Harm of Geneticism," Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics 23 (1995) 345-53.
that cultural geneticism deprives white people of jazz and black people
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