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Synonyms for genetic

occurring among members of a family usually by heredity

of or relating to or produced by or being a gene

of or relating to the science of genetics


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Identifying animals of high genetic merit is achieved by assessing the animals themselves and their relatives, in particular their offspring.
This is a method of genetic assessment used by the commercial animal breeding companies' companies that rely hugely on the successful identification of animals of high genetic merit, and is the method of identification that would be advised by academics of animal breeding.
Although the evidence for genetic merit degradation of SCS traits is not strong, it is not to be ignored either.
INVESTING in high genetic merit Hampshire Down rams is helping one farmer's flock produce faster finishing lambs - enabling cost savings.
With this one test, a rancher can decide if the heifer has the genetic merit to keep on the ranch, and exclude the animals that would make poor choices for breeding, or would develop a genetic condition that would reduce its value.
Specifically, the BovineSNP50 and CanineSNP20 BeadChips will benefit the agriculture communities by allowing for accurate selection of genetic merit at birth.
Futures offers a unique insight into Holstein genetics, as well as sire analysis, and I felt that learning more within these areas would provide me with a better chance of improving the genetic merit of my home dairy herd.
These two boars were cloned as a result of their high genetic merit.
By convincing those dairy farmers of the merits of using high EBV semen -- semen 4from bulls of known genetic merit as established under the Best Beef Sire List -- to serve their dairy cows, the first step in producing calves that will find a readier market with calf rearers and finishers is taken.
Infigen's rapid progress in cloning transgenic and non-transgenic cattle cells has attracted interest and financial support of world-leading companies in biopharmaceutical drug development, xenotransplantation, and high genetic merit livestock production and distribution.
HCC have been involved in a project on two other farms in the Llanbadarn Fynydd area where the potential advantages of using high genetic merit rams have been demonstrated.
Investing in high genetic merit Hampshire Down rams has enabled Mr Nelless to produce faster-finishing lambs as a quick cash flow from an earlier market, thereby freeing up grass and making cost savings and also contributing to a minimal carbon footprint.
The YD is a weighted average of the cow's yields adjusted for all effects of the model other than genetic merit and error.
Tony Morris replies: Mr Sharman is obviously right when he says that we need to measure the quality of a horse's genetic merit by the performances of his offspring.
Buyers, including a number from Wales, were seeking cows and heifers of genetic merit to increase the size of their own herds.