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a specific gene that produces a recognizable trait and can be used in family or population studies

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White women with the genetic marker were nearly 70 percent more likely to have breast cancer compared to those without the marker, the study found.
In the study, white women with the genetic marker were nearly 70 percent more likely to have breast cancercompared to those without the marker.
Our findings support that the KRAS variant is a new genetic marker of ovarian cancer risk.
No genetic marker of which I am aware has yet been identified.
The study, published in the journal Nature Genetics, has the long-term aim of finding genetic markers that can identify people who face an increased risk of bowel cancer.
Up to 10 seeds of this genetic marker stock may be obtained upon written request and agreement to return increased seed to the corresponding author.
People who carry this genetic marker tend to have higher tau levels at any given stage of the disease than individuals without it," says senior investigator Alison M.
The traditional approach featured geneticists performing linkage analysis studies that examined the relationships between inheritance and genetic markers in families affected by the disease.
Marrone says that a more useful genetic marker for CBD would appear in virtually all workers who develop the disease and in as few people who do not as possible.
For the first time, researchers have identified a genetic marker that they say increases a person's risk of developing severe gum disease by as much as sixfold.
A portion of this research has been incorporated into InSite Vision's commercially available OcuGene(R) glaucoma genetic test for disease management, which is a prognostic tool designed to detect a genetic marker (mt-1) in the promoter region of the glaucoma-related TIGR gene.
Washington, July 21 (ANI): Scientists from the Yale University have discovered a new genetic marker that can help in predicting the risk of developing the fatal and hard to detect ovarian cancer.
Low frequencies of double-unifoliolate leaves and multiple-crown genotypes occur in this genetic marker stock.
Linkage studies of over 500 individuals from 60 families mapped the gene for XLA to the midportion (Xq22) of the X chromosome, cosegregating with the polymorphic genetic marker DXS 178 (87.
An extremely rare mutation on the Y chromosome may be a genetic marker that is unique to the people who first migrated to the Americas some 30,000 years ago.