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graphical representation of the arrangement of genes on a chromosome

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With additional markers and larger population, a much more comprehensive genetic map of Phalaenopsis would be constructed.
Li (2007) QTL mapping for economic trails based on a dense genetic map of cotton with PCR-based markers using the interspecific cross of Gossypium hirsutum A- Gossypium barbadense.
have clearly demonstrated that a fetal genomewide genetic map of any resolution can be constructed with maternal plasma DNA-sequencing data and parental genetic information, such an approach will likely remain expensive for the next few years.
The genetic map provides information on the location of genes within the Miscanthus genome.
With its new technology, TMC successfully created a sugar-cane genetic map five times more accurate than previous maps, making it possible to identify the positions of genes and to use that information to create better sugar cane.
By comparing the results, the scientists drew a genetic map that identifies key molecular markers along a region of the soybean genome known as Linkage Group I.
These QTLs--named "ZmPRI-4" by the researchers--represent 2 percent of the genetic map.
The genetic maps presented here will serve as a preliminary groundwork for the construction of a high-resolution genetic map of C.
The conclusions come from a project that has produced the first ever full genetic map of the Australian marsupial.
From programming point of view, we can represent the genetic map by two data files: nucleotides file and statistics file.
The genetic map shows that nearly 200 mutated genes, most previously unknown, help tumours grow and spread.
The MMP has assembled a high-resolution genetic map for the intermated B73 x Mo17 (IBM) population (Lee et al.
Scientists have completed a genetic map of the rice plant, a scientific milestone that they hope will accelerate efforts to feed the hungry by improving the world's most important food.
Like a hunter, armed with an evolving genetic map, Brinkman isolates proteins that turn harmless microbes into disease spreading bacteria or make them drug resistant.