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  • noun

Synonyms for immunity

resistance to


  • resistance to
  • protection from
  • resilience to
  • inoculation against
  • immunization from


  • exposure to
  • susceptibility to
  • liability to
  • vulnerability to
  • openness to
  • proneness to

Synonyms for immunity

Synonyms for immunity

the state of not being susceptible

(medicine) the condition in which an organism can resist disease

the quality of being unaffected by something

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Genetic Immunity, LLC - Brief Genetic Immunity, LLC overview including business description, key information and facts, and its locations and subsidiaries.
Review of current pipeline of Genetic Immunity, LLC human therapeutic division.
The Genetic Immunity team is encouraged by this data, which suggests that the DermaVir Patch is on its way to becoming the first immune therapy for HIV-infected individuals.
Genetic Immunity is a US/Hungarian development stage company establishing leadership in next-generation biopharmaceuticals.
The Genetic Immunity Therapeutic Vaccine Platform's novel mechanism of action is based on natural migration of Langerhans cells from the skin to the lymph nodes," explained Franco Lori, MD.
US/Hungarian Genetic Immunity and US/Italian ViroStatics, both spin-offs of the non-profit Research Institute for Human and Genetic Therapy (RIGHT), are developing novel treatments for HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases.
We report here the development of a stable single liquid nanomedicine formulation, a significant milestone in developing DermaVir as a commercially viable global product to treat HIV/AIDS," commented Julianna Lisziewicz, PhD and CEO of Genetic Immunity.
Engineering novel nanomedicines presented Genetic Immunity with challenges not faced in the development of traditional biotechnology products.
James Chafouleas will be a valued member of our Management Team as we look ahead to the merger of ViroStatics and Genetic Immunity as Immunacia," added Franco Lori, MD and CEO of ViroStatics.
Building upon our research into the relationship between the structure of DNA nanomedicines and biological activity, Genetic Immunity has now moved DermaVir into Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of HIV.
amp; BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Genetic Immunity, a US/Hungarian clinical-stage company focused on development of nanomedicines for targeted immune amplification, today announced it has treated the first subject in a Phase II clinical study to evaluate DermaVir Patch.
NEW YORK -- Genetic Immunity LLC, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company and a leader in the development of DNA based nanoparticle immunotherapies, announced today the completion of a $2 million dollar bridge financing.
amp;uot;Our objective with this particular application of Enzo's gene therapy program is to successfully modify white blood cells to render them resistant to HIV-1 infection using the principle of genetic immunity and to reconstitute the patient's immune system with these white blood cells.