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biometric identification obtained by examining a person's unique sequence of DNA base pairs

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The pure sample of virus that we have isolated, together with its genetic fingerprint, will be important resources as scientific organizations join forces on the development of an effective vaccine," she added.
By analysing the complex genetic fingerprint of sperm cells, they identified about 3,000 individual messenger RNA for fertile men, thus creating a genetic benchmark for comparison with sperm of infertile men.
Scientists can obtain a genetic fingerprint from just a single cell, which can lead to the identi- fication of the criminal.
monocytogenes for seven years and identifying each strain's unique genetic fingerprint.
Technicians would be looking for DNA, which is something like a genetic fingerprint in human cells.
Preliminary testing indicates that the genetic fingerprint of the E .
But they said that understanding their genetic fingerprint would help them to quickly spot and track these strains if they spread further.
Mr Green had his genetic fingerprint taken after being arrested in November last year - a move which sparked controversy after police raided his offices in the Houses of Parliament as well as his constituency base and home.
Forensic tests on the mask later found the 18-year-old's genetic fingerprint and he was arrested.
Scientists have worked out the bug's genetic fingerprint and he said: "We are in a position to motor on.
Under the current rules, anyone arrested for an offence has their genetic fingerprint stored for life - which police say helped them solve more than 17,000 crimes last year.
A police trawl of serious offenders, whose genetic fingerprint is not on record, could extend to ex-convicts released from custody, she said.
The sapling's genetic fingerprint suggests it is the once-extinct Judean date palm.
The NCSU scientists said the primary value of their work has been to demonstrate the proof-of-concept: fingering the ideal poinsettia genetic fingerprint, if and when it's needed.
The Home Office genetic fingerprint base, which has helped police solve a number of murder and sex crimes in the region, is expanding with new profiles.