genetic endowment

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the total of inherited attributes

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SLTCDM lists genetic endowment and special abilities such as gender, race, and physical appearance as the first factor thought to influence career decision making (Krumboltz, 1979).
Skin aging is a complex process determined by the genetic endowment of the individual and by environmental factors.
These results do not mean that a child with a high complement of 'susceptibility genes' will inevitably become overweight, but that their genetic endowment gives them a stronger predisposition.
Let's look at your time availability, your present physical status, your physical skills, and your genetic endowment.
A whole new field of genomics is opening up, in which patients could receive treatment optimized to their own genetic endowment.
Because the sense of father or father consciousness is part of the human genetic endowment, it is present in the self from conception.
Every member of the human species possesses a genetic endowment that allows him or her to become a whole human being, an endowment that distinguishes a human in essence from other types of creatures.
Each of us arrives in this world with a genetic endowment primed for learning.
According to the author, we assess the feelings of another individual by drawing together all available evidence, everything from that individual's testimony to facts about her situation, where the latter "refers not only to external occurrences, but also a person's physical state, her genetic endowment and previous experience, as well as her beliefs, desires, memories, and associations, both conscious and unconscious" (p.
If it were possible to ensure that everyone was born with an equal genetic endowment, would that really be desirable?
The incidence of cancer and heart disease, for example, varies widely around the world, but that's far more attributable to differences in environmental, political, and cultural practices than to difference in genetic endowment, which are minimal among the races.
Eggs and sperm cells (derived from germ cells) are haploid: they have only a single set of chromosomes representing their respective genetic endowment.
D'Souza, incidentally, says parents shouldn't be allowed to alter their children's genetic endowment, because this would subvert the child's "self-determination.
Human beings are so complex that a rich genetic endowment can be unfulfilled and a relatively poor one can be substantially transcended.
Genetic endowment has always been recognized as one component to winning, along with discipline, work ethic, nutrition, training, and a huge list of intangibles that distinguish the best from the rest.