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Through this breakthrough technology, we can tell whether the embryo is a carrier or not for a genetic disease, or may become a child with a serious genetic disease.
com/map), and has attracted the support of prominent academics, bioethicists, religious leaders, families with genetic disease, and doctors from America's largest hospitals.
Genzyme, a Sanofi company (EURONEXT: SAN and NYSE: SNY), today announced that Genzyme's Head of Rare Diseases, Rogerio Vivaldi, MD, has been honored as the Genetic Disease Foundation's Industry Person of the Year.
The exome-a small part of the genome- is of crucial interest with regard to research on genetic diseases as it accounts for 85 percent of mutations.
Dr Maryam Matar, Executive Director of the UAE Genetic Diseases Association, said: C[pounds sterling]In line with the UAE federal government's vision to make the country free from Thalassaemia by 2012, we welcome the support of the DIFC on the 'UAE Free of Thalassaemia' campaign.
Equally important is the need to investigate any differences associated with the expression of this genetic disease in different racial subgroups.
Genzyme General has five therapeutic products on the market and a strong pipeline of therapeutic products in development focused on the treatment of genetic diseases and other chronic debilitating disorders with well-defined patient populations.
It's the worst possible time to raise questions about genetic disease from an emotional and psychological viewpoint," she said.
All the study participants suffered from spinal cord injuries, juvenile diabetes, or hypogamma-globulinemia, a genetic disease that causes an immune deficiency.
Although it remains to be seen if repeats associated with other expansion-related diseases support incorrect DNA replication initiation, this finding gives researchers a new target on which to focus, and may lead to further discoveries on how to prevent and treat genetic disease.
MPS-VI (also known as Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome) is a progressive, chronically debilitating genetic disease that proceeds from birth and results in early death.
A new survey of 332 people in families at risk for a genetic disease, such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia, found that 43 percent of them believe they have been treated unfairly by insurance companies or employers.
Establishing fast, scalable methods is a key step toward making genome sequencing a routine part of healthcare, not only for the diagnosis of genetic disease, but for a wide range of precision medicine applications," said Miller, Director of Informatics and Software Development at the Center for Pediatric Genomic Medicine at Children's Mercy.
Tempol is the first of many treatments Recursion plans to advance to treat genetic diseases; the company leverages advances in both biology and computation to rapidly investigate the potential of thousands of mature molecules across many genetic disease models.
At present we can tell little more than that someone will get a genetic disease, but cannot tell them how bad this might be.