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This positive genetic correlation between reproductive traits indicates that improvement of one trait has positive impact on the other trait.
The additive genetic correlation between measures of TDM during early and late lactation was negative and ranged from -0.
In the form rP for the phenotypic correlation coefficient of x and y; rg for the genetic correlation coefficient; re for the environmental correlation coefficient; Hxy for the correlative heritability of trait x and y; H 2 for the heritability.
This genetic correlation is highly favorable, indicating that the less efficient animals (those with a positive RFIFat) are those that consume more dry matter and achieve the same weight gain, since the RFIFat is independent of ADG.
The estimate of the genetic correlation for days open and lactation MP was moderate and positive (0.
The main cause of genetic correlation is pleiotropism, ie, property by which a gene influences two or more characters.
Genetic correlation is an important genetic parameter for animal breeding, which measures covariation between different traits.
Egg and chick production were highly correlated genetically and phenotypically with the genetic correlation exceeding the theoretic limit.
A genetic correlation exists between the test and target environments.
For example, the genetic correlation between Block and Draw was calculated as follows.
Heath review data from studies conducted in twins to show that a positive genetic correlation exists between smoking and the risk of alcohol dependence.
g] is the genetic correlation of the trait values across the two environments.
1991) because of allocation costs and frequency of attack (Brody and Karban 1992), then we should also expect a negative genetic correlation between these defense deployment mechanisms.