genetic constitution

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the particular alleles at specified loci present in an organism

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For example, multivariate analysis in genetic improvement may facilitate the classification and identification of superior genetic constitutions (COIMBRA et al.
Genetic tests are used to detect the genetic constitution and a disease causing mutation or a marker DNA sequence used to detect presence of another gene.
The identification of taxonomic units and endangered species, whose genetic constitution is distinct from their more abundant relatives, is important in the development of appropriate conservation
It can therefore be considered to be generally accepted that as far as their own genetic constitution is concerned every individual is entitled to a "right to know" as well as a "right not to know.
To this end, he considers renewed interest in physicality by those who look to the Human Genome Project "as revealing the genetic constitution of identity and destiny," while also defending a constructive engagement between neuroscience and "sociological perspectives on the relationship between the thinking, sensing, feeling body, on the one hand, and the networks, figurations and societies in which we live, on the other.
I respond to L&V by proposing that the tension they perceive within the Catholic moral tradition can be easily resolved by clearly articulating the metaphysical link between a person's identity and her genetic constitution.
Criminal behaviour and normative behaviour are presumably the result of interaction among a person's genetic constitution, life experiences, and personal choices.
At the center of these debates is the issue of the extent to which human embryos should be manipulated in vitro and whether to interfere with their genetic constitution.
Science is now discovering that IVF can cause genetic defects which negatively alter the basic genetic constitution of the person and all of his/her future children.
The duration of the symptoms depends on factors such as the availability and accessibility of support systems, genetic constitution, and the effectiveness of the professional intervention.
35) The phenotype of an organism "results from the interaction between the genetic constitution (genotype) of the organism and its environment.
At the University of Washington in Seattle, researchers successfully modified the genetic constitution of poplar trees so that stands of the trees were able to absorb 91 percent of the toxin trichloroethylene from a liquid solution and break it down into harmless byproducts.
The author argues that we can no longer appeal to the nonidentity problem in order to justify using preconception genetic screening and selection techniques as a harmless tool to determine the genetic constitution of future individuals.
Incidentally, one must realize that this so-called sex change alters nothing in the genetic constitution of the person involved.