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That delightful time, that generous season, that ruling by warm blood, were all very fine things, no doubt; but I do not regret them at all.
There, too, they will see the villages or towns of the free and generous spirits brightening in the midst of delicious prairies.
Often as it happened, when during the week I had been disappointed in not getting a cent from the very individuals from whom I most expected help, and when I was almost broken down and discouraged, that generous help has come from some one who I had had little idea would give at all.
Between these two gifts there were others of generous proportions which came every year from both Mr.
And this struggle woke all that was generous in the heart of Byron, the worn man of the world.
All Greece mourned for the loss of such a generous friend.
She shall prove herself worthy of your generous confidence in her.
If you are generous, here is a fitting opportunity for the exercise of your magnanimity: if you are proud, here am I - your rival - ready to acknowledge myself your debtor for an act of the most noble forbearance.
What but the sublime idea of virtue could inspire a human mind with the generous thought of giving liberty?
To avoid the blessing, still a secret, he resorts to a commonplace; literally, "For what generous man is not (in befriending others) a friend to himself?
Who feels injustice; who shrinks before a slight; who has a sense of wrong so acute, and so glowing a gratitude for kindness, as a generous boy?
But he could not draw back from the generous word when it was once uttered, even though he felt now, vaguely foreseeing certain eventualities in his intrigue with Madame Karenina, that this generous word had been spoken thoughtlessly, and that even though he were not married he might need all the hundred thousand of income.
Ah, but I warned you that I was in a generous mood," the Prince said, with a smile.
The horse seemed conscious of the advantage, and bore his warlike rider, with an elasticity of step and a loftiness of air, that would have done no discredit to the highest trained and most generous charger.
It is neither generous, nor honourable, nor the act of a true man, sir,' retorted the other, 'to tamper with the affections of a weak, trusting girl, while you shrink, in your unworthiness, from her guardian and protector, and dare not meet the light of day.