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a wine that is a blend of several varieties of grapes with no one grape predominating


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We are looking at what generic wine businesses have done to provide information on the category in a way that benefits everybody.
Vins de Pays, which are primarily based on grape variety, or Appellation Contrle (AOC), which is a generic wine from a specific region such as Minervois or Corbires and mainly blended with two or more grape varieties.
We are not attracted to wines that are generic wines and express only the style of a person -- no.
Look for the generic wines of the Cote de Beaune or Cote de Nuits, or the Haut Cotes of both areas.
Among the suggestions were to add wood chips to generic wines, a far cheaper alternative to barrel-ageing, and also allowing irrigation which would have been of particular benefit in the drought stricken vintage of 2003.
The growth in the premium segment signals a shift in consumer preferences from lower priced "jug" or generic wines to premium varietal wines.
Although there was little growth in volume for California wine shipments last year, its wineries had another successful year despite a drop in shipments of popular-priced jug and generic wines.
Our grandfather, August, made generic wines, our dad focused on varietal wines.
The past has seen poor quality generic wines, such as Soave or Valpolicella that have been uninspired, insipid and watery.
The traditional generic wines offer little excitement.
In additon to producing a range of benchmark generic wines from all four estates, Gerard developed special parcel wines which have since attained 'cult status': La Forge, a Corbieres from Villemajou; La Viala, a Minervois La Liviniere from Laville Bertrou; Cigalus, both a white and red Pays d'Oc; and L'Hospitalitas, a La Clape from Hospitalet.
Most of these losses were in large-sized generic wines (jugs, priced below $3), which by themselves declined by 920,000 cases (-4%).
Anything else outside these areas is simply labelled 'Bourgogne' and these generic wines represent over 50per cent of total production.