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a noun that does not specify either masculine or feminine gender

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Generic noun phrases in mother-child conversations.
Avoid they, them, and their with singular indefinite pronouns such as everyone and with singular generic nouns such as the typical student.
Trademarks are proper adjectives, and should be used as adjectives qualifying generic nouns that define the products or services.
Analyzing language of information books for children Books Linguistic Features 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Timeless verb + + No + + + + + No - constructions text text Generic noun + + + + + + + But - constructions color names Repetition of + + + - + + + + topical theme Relational/ + + + - + + + - existential verbs General stmt.
In the 1979 edition of the Elements of Style, Strunk and White used generic nouns and pronouns throughout the book, (55) commenting in one section that "style not only reveals the spirit of the man but reveals his identity, as surely as would his fingerprints.
substituting defining generic nouns for less specific pronouns, or avoidance of agency by using passive structures.
Each new generation of speakers has to establish whether nesto is morphosyntactically a generic noun or an indefinite pronoun.
4) In English, for instance, each of the above-mentioned three types of generic noun phrases is ambiguous in the sense that they may be associated with a generic interpretation and one or more nongeneric interpretations: in addition to the generic reading, the definite singular phrase is associated with a specific/definite reading, the indefinite singular phrase with a specific/indefinite and a nonspecific/indefinite ("attributive" or "narrow-scope") reading, and the bare plural phrase may likewise carry a specific/indefinite and a nonspecific/indefinite interpretation; cf.
Another complication occurs when the antecedent is a generic noun, that is, when it names a typical member of a group; for example, "The average server in this restaurant wears a nametag on their uniform.
A generic noun is incorporated and the construction acquires the attribute `capable of', (14), (15).
Those mitigating techniques include using plural antecedent nouns that agree with plural pronouns, (48) avoiding the use of a pronoun, (49) repeating the noun, (50) substituting generic nouns for gendered nouns (51) and using the generic pronouns "you" (52) or "one" (53) when appropriate.
Research finding a masculine default strategy would suggest that toddlers are more familiar with the masculine article as it works as the default article for novel nouns and for generic nouns that can take feminine gender but that generically are talked of as masculine.
the use of generic nouns and timeless verbs), but is potentially unaware of other context-sensitive discursive features (e.
Plural generic nouns ending in 's' need only an apostrophe: the vampires' fear of garlic; the ducks' quacking chorus.
Plural generic nouns ending in "s" need only an apostrophe: the vampires' fear of garlic, the ducks' quacking chorus.
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