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when the patent protection for a brand-name drug expires generic versions of the drug can be offered for sale if the FDA agrees

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IMARC's latest study "Generic Drug Manufacturing Plant Project Report: Industry Trends, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Cost and Revenue" provides a techno-commercial roadmap for setting up a generic drug manufacturing plant.
While people may be uncertain about using generic drugs initially, research has shown that they are more likely to adhere to treatment when prescribed more affordable generic drugs.
The ostensible reason for Khan's parliamentary do was to present his views on the need to promote generic drugs in the country.
Prices of 484 generic drugs whose original brand name drugs are in the market will be reduced by more than 22 percent and a 15 percent reduction in prices will affect some 186 generic drugs that do not have their corresponding brand drugs," he said.
Taking a generic drug is a sound health care decision.
Why would I want to choose a generic drug over a brandname drug?
And if we are not more efficient in the utilization of more generic drugs, we won't be able to provide affordable pharmacy benefits.
Hopefully, this special publication will help you understand why there is a difference in cost between brand-name and generic drugs, and how you can reduce your own costs by requesting generic drugs when they are available.
The province invites bids on contracts for high volume drugs listed on its provincial formulary by generic drug manufacturers.
Canada's generic drug makers also changed the name of their industry association to the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association (CGPA) from the Canadian Drug Manufacturers Association.
Targeted to pharmacists throughout North America, the new publication's mission is to provide practical information and is taglined "the ultimate resource for generic drug information.
lawmakers have responded by drafting legislation that would speed approvals for generic drug makers in the United States while allowing pharmacists to "re-import" U.
com/research/pg5pr6/profound_research) has announced the addition of the "Profound Research and Investment Prospect of China's Generic Drug Market, 2012-2016" report to their offering.
9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A generic drug is a pharmaceutical product that can be interchanged with the innovator product and is comparable with it in terms of dosage, intended use and efficacy.
Forecasting of generic drug revenues to 2025 (for 19 leading companies).
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