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Synonyms for generator

an apparatus that produces a vapor or gas

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engine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction

someone who originates or causes or initiates something


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an electronic device for producing a signal voltage

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Get fresh air immediately if you begin to feel sick, dizzy or light-headed or experience flu-like symptoms while the generator is running.
These technologies help control the speed of generator engines automatically, making the generators highly energy efficient.
Doosan Portable Power fills the towable generator portion of this plan extremely well with a quality product, and, a quality company behind the product.
Sana'a resident Wael Al-Burhmi said he bought a generator for YR24,000 last year ago, but had to stop using it after only four months.
A whole-house generator can cost thousands of dollars, but it can provide peace of mind and keep a family out of the dark for weeks at a time--with no trips to the gas station.
A new generator is available that was designed to fit much better.
The PowerTower offers several compelling advantages over generators and other conventional backup solutions.
This can be very dangerous since most generator suppliers do not have inventory available for immediate delivery.
Designed for use with the Xilinx System Generator for DSP development tool and Xilinx DSP IP algorithms, the ML402 XtremeDSP Evaluation Platform provides a straightforward entry-level environment for developing high-performance signal-processing systems based on the Viretx-4 SX FPGA.
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has filed a Complaint In Equity in Columbia County Court against 21 tire generators who have not acted to remove scrap tires taken from their businesses years ago to the Start tire pile in Greenwood Township, Columbia County.
As a result, researchers put a high premium on the efficiency of the pseudorandom-number generator they use.
It had been on a generator for five days, with no guarantee from the local power company that power would be restored the next day.
Used with or without renewable energy, a backup generator can eliminate the headaches of long-term power outages.
I, along with seemingly half of the population of Wake County, found it at a nearby service station, the owners of which had rented someone's generator to get the pumps going.
Reinhardt spent $80 a week on generator gas and wore out a generator every other year," recalls McKay.
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