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Synonyms for generative

having the ability to produce or originate



producing new life or offspring

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Language generativity, response generalization, and derived relational responding.
Thus an affirmative biopolitics comes to the fore, in which the dead become part of the fabric of an ongoing generativity of life: "La mort est naturelle.
Generativity in the context of participation in activities with or for grandchildren is conceptualized as generative work where grandfathers are actively engaged in caring for, establishing, and nurturing their grandchildren.
Fathers who were more involved with their toddlers may have fulfilled a necessary aspect of their psychological development, generativity (Erikson, 1982), that led to fewer depressive symptoms.
Now, their sources of change are available in his in-depth library-the Carkhuff Generativity Library.
The two groups showed significant differences in trust, autonomy, identity, generativity and integrity stages (Table 1).
The next categories, generativity and formative investigation, involve the creation, testing, and evaluation of ideas and solutions to help the organization grow and meet the need for change (Kleysen & Street).
The Values Framework includes the values of benevolence (kindness), generativity (leaving a legacy), humanism (live to improve humanity), integrity (honesty), justice (fairness), mutuality (community), receptivity (accepted by others), respect (consideration of others), responsibility (independent task completion), and trust (belief in others).
Generativity refers to an adult's concern for and commitment to the well-being of the next generation and involves seeking a positive legacy that will endure.
The violence of carnality is here converted into the generativity of the elements, of the body, of nature, and of culture, and, like Pisinoe, seems overtly feminine/feminist in its thematics.
In the Morningside Model of Generative Instruction, teachers deliberately schedule opportunities to perform more complex tasks with little or no instruction, in a process we call generativity (Epstein, 1993).
generativity tend to have more orgasms," she added.
Meador added that many older adults are compelled by generativity, or "a sense in later life that they want to leave the world a better place for younger generations.
trend toward increasing generativity in the context of life span theory
19) In the same way, it is possible to recognize the importance of understanding freedom as "a call to being" while supporting the responsible use of contraception by committed married couples or the appropriate recourse to medically assisted reproduction for infertile couples who cannot realize the generativity to which their marriage is oriented in any other way.
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