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  • adj

Synonyms for generative

having the ability to produce or originate



producing new life or offspring

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STOP IT 221 (2008) ("Cheap sensors generatively wired to cheap
This work shows, for the first time, that even for infants who have only just begun to 'crack the language code,' language promotes culturally-shared knowledge and actions - naturally, generatively and apparently effortlessly," said Sandra R.
55) presents three ways to engender an empowering pedagogy in the classroom: (a) topically, (b) academically or (c) generatively.
The conference theme encourages us, as individuals and as a field, to think generatively about writing center spaces and the compositions that create and shape them.
The interviewer must also be able to combine seemingly disparate pieces of information into concepts and work generatively within a project team.
Triads of irregular verbs lend themselves much more generatively to the letter play of illusory patterns.
Perhaps even more significantly, the Beatles' body of work emerges from the shadows of cultural history as a generatively driven lyrical and musical fusion.
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