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(linguistics) a type of grammar that describes syntax in terms of a set of logical rules that can generate all and only the infinite number of grammatical sentences in a language and assigns them all the correct structural description

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This is made into the basis of a generative grammar of metrical rhythm by Christopher Longuet-Higgins and C.
Thus a generative grammar attempts to specify what the speaker actually knows, not what he may report about his knowledge.
It has been used by almost every author dealing with matters related to information- structure within generative grammar.
I found the data intriguing, since one of my interests at the time was the comparative syntax of Latin and English and another was the development of generative semantics, loosely spun off from standard transformational generative grammar.
Besides the generative grammar paradigm, one finds the communication-and-cognition perspective which according to Van Valin and La Polla embraces about fifteen linguistic schools, such as Functional Grammar, Role and Reference Grammar, or Cognitive Grammar (Syntax, Meaning and Function, p 11-12).
The layered organization of the NP, and possible parallels with the clausal syntagm, have been investigated in various linguistic frameworks (also in generative grammar, and in cognitive grammar), first in relation to nominalization, and then afterwards also in nonderived nominals.
With Syntactic structures in 1957 Chomsky led linguistics into the realm of generative grammar.
Just as universal grammar is understood in generative grammar as a set of principles by which individual languages are learned, so Hanna conceives of the protological faculty.
Gassmann undertakes his constituent analysis within the horizon of generative grammar in order to reconstruct and make visible the deep structure of sentences in the well-known and useful form of tree structures; "the analyses presented in this grammar can therefore be understood as an attempt to describe
Most linguists fuse Chomsky's notions of generative grammar and transformational grammar into an inseparable union, but in fact a generative grammar is possible without assuming the transformation of deep cognitive structures into surface linguistic structures--the transformational dimension.
Optimality Theory: Constraint Interaction in Generative Grammar.
This contention seems rather surprising if one thinks of the central position of acquisition matters within previous models of generative grammar, which acknowledged explanatory adequacy to theories of grammar attending to their credit as an hypothesis concerning the initial state of linguistic knowledge children make use of when learning to speak.
Before joining the business world, DePalma was a member of academe as a linguist specializing in generative grammar, computational linguistics, and the historical phonology of Slavic languages.
In Higginbotham's approach, which closely follows the basic tenets of Chomskyan generative grammar, the basic aim of linguistic semantics is to determine what native speakers know about the relations of form to meaning (and how this knowledge is acquired).
Kaluza, Irena 1980 Review of Nina Nowakowska, Language of poetry and generative grammar.