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Synonyms for generative

having the ability to produce or originate



producing new life or offspring

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Fundamentals of Generative Medicine Volume I undertakes the massive job of explaining how life emerges and tells us the story of where we came from, what we know now, and where we are going.
Table 1: Main and Interaction effects of organs, extracts and vegetative and generative stages of Stachys lavandulifolia Vahl on the diameter of zone of growth inhibition of standard strains of bacteria.
Contract award: plant for generative production of three-dimensional plastic components from liquid materials.
OWNING OUR FUTURE: THE EMERGING OWNERSHIP REVOLUTION--JOURNEYS TO A GENERATIVE ECONOMY identifies new forms of business ownership which the author calls 'generative': a flexible organizational structure intended to live for many generations.
D'Adamo, internationally acclaimed clinician, researcher and author of the bestselling Eat Right 4 Your Type, announced today the collaborative launch of the Center for Excellence in Generative Medicine (COE) which will be located at 115 Broad Street across from the UB Health Sciences Complex on campus, and it is scheduled to open in Spring 2012.
The company is highly cash generative, posting free cash flow of pounds 520m, 46% ahead of the previous year.
You might think of generative work as the headwaters of a decision-making stream.
The Catholic Church teaches that "the direct interruption of the generative process already begun, and, above all, directly willed and procured abortion, even if for therapeutic reasons, are absolutely excluded as licit means of regulating birth.
She says in order to educate children wisely, generative learning communities must be created.
The book sets out the advantages of using complete three-dimensional project models, as used by the aerospace industries, and how this could return the architect to the centre of the process controlling the generative geometry.
Generative programming based on scripting languages is an alternative to recently predominant object oriented approach.
The metal frame seemed to shelter the generative star, a paternal function.
Written to counter a negative culture of self-hatred by cultivating appreciation for the holy qualities of the physical body as God's temple, Divining the Body focuses on different physical parts chapter by chapter: the feet, legs, hands, back, generative organs, belly, heart, breasts, throat, ears, eyes and brain.
Coding and analysis of the fathers' personal narratives demonstrated specific patterns related to the concept of connection in a conceptual ethic of generative fathering.
Abstract: Generative programming was recently observed as a discipline of object oriented programming.
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