generation gap

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a difference between the views of young people and their parents

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The generation gap is destroying our cultural norms and traditions.
Suddenly, the main causes of the generation gap were made to disappear.
The ever widening generation gap and the resulting need for skilled manpower highlight the urgency of deploying the vast skill pool of the upcoming female generation, said the experts.
For neighbour Maureen Swan, the afternoon teas are a great opportunity to span the generation gap.
The volume is divided into sections covering the roots of the digital generation gap, technology-based education and child development, bridging the gap between pedagogy and technology and policy and practice, and chapters address topics in classroom technology, teacher education and subject specific uses for computer technologies.
The best of your emails Generation gap No Paul (Chatroom, yesterday), you are not alone in thinking The Morning Line is no longer worth watching.
The book depicts the hardship of the economic migrants, their nostalgia and the generation gap.
I can't staywarm I'm always feeling cold And if I say somyself There's no fun in growing old But there's nothing I can do About the generation gap So I just dance aroundmy "zimmer" And sing "TheOldAgeRap
THE generation gap is no problem to Zoe Coward and her grandad Harry who graduated from university together yesterday.
And as they do and the generation gap in the makeup of underwriters widens, the industry needs to capture the experience and best practices of senior underwriters to both train and empower junior underwriters.
Washington, June 3 (ANI): The generation gap is for real, and it matters.
But what about the generation gap created when younger workers dive into the labor pool?
is a new family entertainment show on Sky channel Watch, where celebrities and children celebrate the humour and bewilderment of Britain's generation gap.
Here is a child only beginning to talk, revealing that the seeds of the next generation gap have already been planted.
County councillor John Vereker said the scheme had bridged the generation gap by enabling older people to "keep up" with their grandchildren.
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