generalized seizure

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a seizure during which the patient becomes unconscious and has convulsions over the entire body

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At the age of 10 years, he had 1 generalized seizure, and antiepileptic medications reduced his seizures, but he continued to experience the blank spells.
In contrast, our study concluded that generalized seizure was the most predominant type and generalised tonic clonic was the most common subtype.
Most commonly, following a generalized seizure, animals are frequently blind, so they may bump into things as they try to walk around," Dr.
Most commonly after a generalized seizure, animals are frequently blind, so they may bump into things as they try to walk around," Dr.
This procedure won't stop seizures entirely, but it interrupts the spread of seizures across the whole brain as in generalized seizures.
A generalized seizure is one in which the neuronal discharge occurs in both hemispheres of the brain and may involve a depressed level of consciousness (Blumstein & Friedman, 2007).
Complex partial seizures and generalized seizures are the most susceptible to being triggered by sleep deprivation.
If it is a relatively brief, generalized seizure (involving all parts of the body), it is considered "simple.
No one in the crowd is doing anything but clapping, just as in a generalized seizure most of your brain cells have joined in rapid, abnormal electrical firing that makes normal brain activity impossible.
1A]ARs showed a significant increase in latency periods (compared to age-matched control animals) preceding the initial myoclonic jerk and the progression to the first generalized seizure or tonic/clonic seizure.
Recovery was complicated by a generalized seizure and severe, acute psychosis associated with rapid refilling of the 2 lesions with mycotic abscess fluid.
Despite aggressive therapy with lorazepam, phenobarbital, and pyridoxine, she had intermittent generalized seizure activity for 4 hours and required intubation.
Our MEDLINE search revealed only 1 case report of generalized seizure, published 7 years ago.
A generalized seizure typically causes an abrupt loss of muscle tone, and stiffening or jerking of the limbs.
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