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Synonyms for disease

Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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4,5) Systemic or deep Candida infections are rare and usually develop in severely debilitated birds, with Candida being isolated from the blood, bone marrow, or parenchymatous organs of animals with generalized disease.
Virus can enter again into the skin cell and a generalized disease can occur.
ACHR antibodies are specific for MG because they are not detected in healthy individuals or in patients with other autoimmune or neuromuscular disorders; however, their absence does not rule out disease, because only about 85% of confirmed MG patients with generalized disease possess ACHR antibodies (2,3).
In 1936 when Wegener described this condition there was no treatment and the outcome was universally fatal in generalized disease, especially if there was renal involvement.
Whether specific variants are more likely to develop to maturity and cause generalized disease in humans deserves further investigation.
But generalized disease or localized disease can cause either just one or both ears to be involved.
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