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Synonyms for generalization



Synonyms for generalization

reasoning from detailed facts to general principles

an idea or conclusion having general application

the process of formulating general concepts by abstracting common properties of instances

(psychology) transfer of a response learned to one stimulus to a similar stimulus

References in classic literature ?
Science starts, therefore, from generalizations of the form, "A is usually followed by B.
So he lumped one box thereafter, and so well did he study the art of shirking that he wrote a special chapter on it, with the last several paragraphs devoted to tentative generalizations.
The Original Sin of Cognition: Fear, Prejudice, and Generalization, SARAH-JANE LESLIE
As in our case, this generalization will definitely have adverse effects on our efforts to promote tourism and investments in our province.
2011) in promoting accurate demonstration of target social skills in training and generalization conditions in young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and peers with shared social deficits.
Behavior Analysis has been accused of not being able to account for the generalization of verbal behavior that is present in linguistically competent individuals (Alessi, 1987; Mackay & Fields, 2009).
Following this was the development of information-theoretic methods to control hidden neuron activation, with the aim of interpreting internal representations as much as possible and examining relations between information and generalization [10-15].
sup][2],[3] Early thymectomy and administration of prednisolone can decrease relapse and secondary generalization of OMG.
Generalization can be unfair in many ways in different areas: Just take the average opinion poll results concerning what people thought about Arkansans before Bill Clinton became US president -- an uneducated hillbilly image.
The aim of this project is to test whether categorization as basic perceptual process links anxiety and interoception via generalization and perceptual decision strategies.
Patterns of stimulus generalization vary with experience.
In Gomez's new work, she and he team are examining how young children can recognize instances similar, but not identical, to something they have learned and apply it to a new situation - so-called generalization.
Our hypothesis is that analogical generalization can be used to generate meaningful clusters of hand-drawn sketches.
That two weeks of experience was enough to convert the generalization patterns of those computer-naEaive individuals to that of regular computer users, the researchers report.
Consequently, generalization processes have been widely discussed and researched as one of the main elements of map production and visualization derived from databases at multiple scales.