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a modern scholar who is in a position to acquire more than superficial knowledge about many different interests

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This being the case, Writing Center tutors have had to adapt their practices to accommodate students from across the disciplines, learning the strategies and styles inherent in those disciplines, and changing from specialists in their respective fields--to generalists who possess at the very least a modicum of knowledge about writing across the disciplines--in order to enable less experienced writers to engage themselves in the writing process more effectively (Walker 28).
When graduating, those students entering primary-care residencies were surveyed to validate whether they planned to become generalist or specialist.
At this point, a generalist might have urged that fetal life be "read in" to the section of the Charter that guarantees equality before and under the law and equal protection and benefit of the law.
Generalist camps offer their own positive and negative qualities.
Differences between specialist care and generalist care, however, pale in comparison with the finding that both specialists and generalists often fail to put the latest knowledge into practice, contend both Donohoe and Clancy.
I've always been a generalist, and I think that has served me well.
Do I want to help strategize and manage the work as the business generalist or as the generalist in a specialty field, or do I want to develop the expertise to be a specialist?
In today's digital age, the Health Sciences Library must take its cue from the Generalist Initiative for Physicians when identifying its clientele and designing appropriate information access programs.
The value of primary care notwithstanding, questions have been raised about whether generalist physicians, who are the primary care providers for most patients, have the skills to take on these new responsibilities and whether providing incentives to restrict access to specialists and/or provide care themselves compromises the quality of care.
To help increase the number of generalist physicians, and ultimately increase access to primary care, 15 U.
But it's also true that, despite the media's obsession with heart-warming stories about ice-packed kidneys air-lifted across America, the vast majority of medical treatments require little more than a visit to a generalist, where a check up, a prescription, or some simple medical advice will do the trick.
62) The generalist, perhaps, has the virtue of being able to cut through the seeming uniqueness of any given new situation to reach the conclusion that what it presents is ultimately just another variation on a familiar theme.
As only 2 to 3 percent of medical students evince interest in general practice, as many generalists are reaching retirement age, as there are too few generalist residencies available, and as many of the current residency openings remain unfilled, the AMA's suggestion would result in a significant disjunction between providers and patients.
A good generalist can deal with just about anything, from cardiology to gynaecology, only referring to specialists when necessary, and often after fully investigating a patient so that he/she arrives at the specialist with all the necessary pathology results.
Global Banking News-19 January 2010-Barclays names Asia ex-Japan head of generalist sales(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.