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a modern scholar who is in a position to acquire more than superficial knowledge about many different interests

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The evolving role of physicians - don't forget the generalist primary care providers: Comment on "Non-physician clinicians in sub-Saharan Africa and the evolving role of physicians.
Fellowship-trained surgeons performed each of the four proposed quality measures more often than did grandfathered surgeons, who performed them more often than generalist gynecologic surgeons did.
Ample choices await agents who wish to move from being a generalist to a specialist.
I, however, am a generalist practitioner and not a surgeon.
What was once a successful generalist strategy in a resource-rich world has become a form of overspecialized dependence on an approach that is undermining its own viability.
The overall Foreign Service generalist promotion rate decreased from 31.
The ability to practise as a generalist depends on one's training, and on the routine use of skills that helps people to understand and live with their illnesses and disabilities, as well as helping them to get the best out of the healthcare options that are available and appropriate for their needs.
Applying your generalist training; a field guide for social workers.
The new formats would be smaller, focusing only on a few categories rather than being large generalist stores that stock all products," said a company spokesperson.
My professor informed the class that it was not mandatory for Ontario school boards to hire music specialists (i), and that generalist classroom teachers were often responsible for music education in elementary schools.
Nationally, only about one-third of doctors practice primary care and, try as they might to get more to choose the generalist path, many medical schools are finding their students increasingly drawn toward the more lucrative specialties.
Generalist was defined as a species that could be found in both lentic and lotic with no specific vegetation requirements.
5) Yet, despite the larger trend toward specialization, the iconic American judge remains a generalist.
The issue about who is best positioned to teach music in the primary school is contentious, whether that be the generalist classroom teacher, a music specialist, or both.