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the officer who holds the supreme command

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Former generalissimos and despots hold sway over a constituency that continues to be in a state of shock over the previous crisis-believing their country still needs an iron hand to keep it functioning.
but of course, when the lives of individuals and communities are controlled by powers that themselves remain uncontrolled--slavers, czars, fuhrers, first secretaries, marshals, generals and generalissimos, ideologists of dictatorships at either end of the spectrum--then creative energy becomes a protest.
Thai and South Korean generalissimos have apparently been bitching like mad.
Yes, we know power corrupts, and we've all heard stories about pedophilic dictators and sadistic generalissimos.
Then one might run down a similar list of credits for the five set-designers the program cites, and the seven costumers, with further salutes to the overall generalissimos of costume and design, Joseph Aulisi and Robin Wagner.