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the officer who holds the supreme command

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Another imposing structure in the capital, built in traditional Chinese style, is a memorial to the aforesaid Generalissimo.
Fifthly, the nation will expect from the new generalissimo to support democracy.
He also despised politics: "Only those who live off politics should fear our movement," the generalissimo warned.
Obama you have shaped the State Department into a belligerent "force projector" first under Generalissima Clinton and now under Generalissimo Kerry.
The well-known anti-Federalist Cato exclaimed that "He is the generalissimo of the nation, and of course has the command and control of the army, navy and militia; he is the general conservator of the peace of the union .
In the opera, Han Xin, the generalissimo of Han Army, commanded Li Zuoche, a strategist, to feign surrender to Xiang Yu and inveigle him to march during the War between Chu and Han.
As the lights wax over this impressively mustachioed figure (Ziad Jfar) and his violin, he's revealed to be a generalissimo dressed in fatigues -- and apparently of the same vintage and state of repair as his vehicle.
Taylor says "Chen Lifu had told the Generalissimo that he should turn down the Marshall peace mission because if it failed as it probably would, the Americans would blame the Chiang government, not the Communists.
In February this year, North Korea posthumously awarded Kim Jong Il the title of generalissimo.
He was led into the presence of Hafiz Pacha, and, had he been a vizier, he could not have been treated with more flattering attention by the generalissimo of the Sultan's forces.
Generalissimo decided to include current fashion (4) 4.
It is perhaps instructive to recall that when the peace of victors after the 2nd World War was being made and a number of military and state leaders sought to involve Pope Pius XII -- in the process, Generalissimo Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, the Supreme Commander of the Red Army -- mockingly enquired from his war allies as to what qualified the Pope to play the lead role they had proposed in the post 2nd World War peace arrangements
The mutiny is led by a mysterious young corporal who is eventually revealed to be the illegitimate son of the head of the Allied forces, the old general, sometimes called the generalissimo.
Obama's generalissimo attitude was also on display in the 2010 State of the Union address, when he publicly rebuked the U.