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a modern scholar who is in a position to acquire more than superficial knowledge about many different interests

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Instead of generalism, "we've micro detailed our physicians into looking at the left kidney," said Dr.
In all, careful consideration reveals that the question of what is at stake in the choice between generalism and specialization is more complex and contingent than previous analyses tend to recognize.
This presumption against Generalism arises largely because most philosophers accept an anti-descriptivist semantics for demonstratives, singular terms, or at least some kind of expression.
and the other based on generalism, help explain their respective
Moral Holism, Moral Generalism, and Moral Dispositionalism.
There is certainly value in a niche approach, but the disappointing results of the past reflect an additional series of strategic challenges to a comprehensive political commitment--a culture of generalism that pervades the national development assistance infrastructure, an unfocused and poorly integrated research base, and a Canadian International Development Agency that has been something of an orphan in Ottawa, or at least has not had very interested parents.
t]o the Wendell Holmes who returned from the war, generalism was
The savings in physicians' time in terms of documentation, dictation, coding, and compliance could improve job satisfaction and encourage generalism.
The desire, in the spirit of generalism, to apply the familiar
burgdorferi ranges from generalism to specialism, depending on genetic background.
of the philologist, then the process by which young people internalize both the method and the values of such generalism is the work of the
The distinction between specialism and generalism is often based upon the "width of the niche"--the range of environmental dimensions across which a population exists (Carroll, 1985): or "'market domain"--the set of markets in which a firm operates (Baum and Kern, 1996: p.
This is characterised by co-operation and demonstrated by more inclusive repotting and participation, empowerment, generalism and trading partnerships.
It's not big and it doesn't include masses of fancy colour photography: instead it opts for simplicity and generalism.
As with the rest of the papers and the collection as a whole, its strengths are most apparent when generalism is avoided and 'twos made' that extend our appreciation of local particularities through a body of regional material and analysis.