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Synonyms for generalisation

an idea or conclusion having general application

the process of formulating general concepts by abstracting common properties of instances

reasoning from detailed facts to general principles

(psychology) transfer of a response learned to one stimulus to a similar stimulus

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Similarly, the word generalisation means, "to infer from facts; bring into general use or knowledge".
Detailed consideration of database requirements and object modelling in support of emerging applications (3D, mobile) and innovative delivery (map generalisation services)
Model Generalisation of the Hydrography Network in the CARGEN Project.
Au cours de cette rencontre, les participants ont presente le bilan de la premiere annee de generalisation du regime et informeront l'opinion publique des resultats realises, dans l'objectif de consolider les acquis, de promouvoir la sensibilisation pour assurer la perennite du RAMED et de soutenir les efforts des personnels exercant dans les secteurs de la sante et des collectivites locales.
He then accuses the gentleman's 'kith and kin' of 'killing and maiming our troops' in a sweeping generalisation which assumes that most Afghans are Taliban which is clearly not the case.
Mercifully, too, his distaste for generalisation prevents him using his Olympian vantage-point to offer some unified meta-theory of architecture.
Proceedings, 14th Workshop of the ICA Commission on Generalisation and Multiple Representation, Paris, June 30-July 1.
Funding by the Swiss National Science Foundation through project Generalisation for Portrayal in Web and Wireless Mapping (Gen W2 +) (SNF No.
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Application-oriented generalisation of area objects.
Automated generalisation in a multiple representation database.
Map generalisation technology: Addressing the need for a common research platform.