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not limited in use or function


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In a traditional multicore approach, performance demands in most applications will require jobs to be spread across multiple general-purpose cores and processing engines.
While this approach simplifies management by centralizing the volume management function, introducing a general-purpose server lacking specialized hardware and sufficient processing power at the core of storage network infrastructure inevitably limits performance scalability in enterprise environments.
0B controller, a Two Wire Interface controller, two UART ports, an SPI port, two serial ports, two external DMA request lines, nine general-purpose 32-bit timers (eight with PWM capability), a real-time clock, a watchdog timer, 48 general-purpose I/O pins and a Parallel Peripheral Interface.
PolyServe Matrix Server consists of a general-purpose CFS for scalable data sharing, high-availability (HA) services that increase system uptime, and cluster and storage management capabilities for managing servers and storage as a single unit from a single console.
Mauchly contributed the key concept of building a general-purpose computer that could be programmed for many tasks.
so only simple programs can fit into the machine - but they are stored and interpreted optically, It demonstrates the principle that all of the components of a general-purpose machine can be done in optics.
Steady growth of various end-user industries such as electronics and industrial automation is boosting the Chinese general-purpose test and measurement equipment markets, especially segments such as oscilloscopes, signal and arbitrary waveform generators (AWG), and function generators.
Barium/cadmium/zinc stabilizers for general-purpose flexible and specialty PVC applications reportedly provide exceptional initial color, as well as excellent heat and light stability.
With emphasis on ease of use, the ultra-compact, general-purpose controller applies patent-pending innovations to more than double the original UltraController performance with operating frequencies up to 400 MHz in Xilinx Virtex-II Pro and 450 MHz in Virtex-4 FX devices.
They are typically designed around a general-purpose microprocessor, which executes software instructions and is supported by discrete, task-specific ASICS, such as protocol devices and XOR/data path controllers, all of which are interconnected via a shared bus.
Lenstra's new factoring algorithm, in certain cases, may turn out to be faster than any of the general-purpose factoring methods now in use.
AMCC's PowerPC([R]) 440EPx Commences Sampling; Processor Provides High-Performance, Single-Chip Solution for Pervasive and General-Purpose Applications
Applications: Small parts, general-purpose Standard features.
Although it's easy to concede that disk servers configured from PCs would have cost, configuration and upgradeability advantages over purpose-built appliances, you might guess that purpose-built iSCSI subsystems outperform disk servers built on general-purpose components.
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