general theory of relativity

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a generalization of special relativity to include gravity (based on the principle of equivalence)

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He went on to a brilliant career that included at least one other epochal paper, his 1916 discussion of gravitational fields in "The Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity.
whose General Theory of Relativity looms large in this book, spent the last decades of his life trying to find a unified theory of physics, one that would unite everything we know about matter and energy, from the smallest particles to the cosmos on its grandest scale.
Among the documents posted online is a notebook in which he worked out his general theory of relativity, which explained gravity as the warping of space-time geometry and is generally regarded as his greatest achievement.
Both of these two models are mathematical extensions of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.
Such questions are explored throughout 'It Must be Beautiful', which manages to present subjects like the Planck-Einstein equation, the general theory of relativity and less familiar formulae like the Yang-Mills equation in an accessible and interesting way.
It showed that the universe must have begun with a singularity, if Einstein's general theory of relativity is correct.
A decade later Einstein argued in his general theory of relativity that space and time were curved and that there might be tunnels (wormholes) connecting distant regions of space-time.
In 1919 a British astronomer went to test a theory that is one of the biggest ideas of all time - the General Theory of Relativity.
Ferris takes Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and in a few of pages offers what journalist Charles Krauthammer has described "as intuitive an account of its essential idea - the curvature of space - as I have ever read.
One of the first books on electromagnetics that contains the general theory of relativity, which is needed in the design of mobile systems such as global positioning system (GPS)
Professor John M Dudley, President of the International Year of Light comments, "Commemorating the Centenary of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity was a foundational pillar of why we worked to have an International Year of Light in 2015.
Although stars can never attain that much mass, Albert Einstein's 1916 general theory of relativity put Michell's hunch about supermassive objects onto solid theoretical ground.
18 ( ANI ): The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded 14 million euros to a team of European astrophysicists to construct the first accurate image of a black hole, and to test the predictions of current theories of gravity, including Einstein's general theory of relativity.
When I was first acquainted with Smarandache geometries many years ago, I immediately started applying them, in order to extend the basic geometry of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.
Cosmologists analysed more than 70,000 galaxies to test Einstein's General Theory of Relativity which holds that gravity warps space and time.
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