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a retail store serving a sparsely populated region

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In addition to nearly 10 years of providing quality gasoline to the Portsmouth community, O'Brien's II General Store offers a wide variety of snacks and beverages, including pizza and sandwiches fresh-made daily, live lobsters and locally caught seafood.
Seven days a week, the store operates much like a convenience store but looks and feels like the general store of old.
As Alabama General Store approached its one month anniversary, membership in the group, that bills itself as featuring Southern Art and Handcrafted Wares, had ballooned to almost 5,000.
Four men are currently remanded in custody charged with his murder, the attempted murder of his father Ken, who was shot in the leg, and attempted robbery at Fairfield General Stores on January 9.
He is gearing up to open the general store on a part-time basis in the fall.
If you were to stop in to get a cup of coffee at the general store, you would definitely get an old-fashioned welcome.
The general store has been named after Goodfellow and contains a barbershop, beauty parlour, ladies boutique, post office, cobbler shop and an area that displays military and royal family memorabilia.
Through a catalog and Web site, the General Store offers tax-free gift baskets filled with goodies from chocolates to gourmet coffees to home spa products.
INDIANAPOLIS--The old general store, buried years ago under an avalanche of convenience stores and discounters, is back.
Muhammad Hussain, Chinab Market, G-7/1, Mushtaq Ahmed General Store, Amer Market, G-7/2, Muhammad Nadeem General Store, Al-Habib Market, G-7/3-3, Tufique Khan General Store Gol Market, G-7/4, Muhammad Arshad Good Luck General Store, Allah Wali Market, F-8/1, Abdul Raoof Awami General Store Kalar Saidan Plaza, G-9 Markaz, Muhammad Sardar Kashif General Store, Multani Market, G-9/2, Muhammad Jamil Frontier General Store, Rapoot Market, I-10/2, Ch.
The names of 35 fair price shops include Muhammad Javed co-operative market G-6/1-4, Muhammad Hussain traders , Chenab market G-7/1, Abbasi General Store , Awami market G-7/2, Mushtaq Abbasi General Store Aamir market G-7/2 , Sarhad General Store , Tipu market G-8/2 , Al-Rehman General Store , Al-Mansoor market G-8/1 , Good luck General Store Allah Wali Market , F-8/1, Haider Chann traders Jaffar Chowk near St.
with activities continuing through Sunday, March 7, while the Wisconsin Dollar General store grand opens on Saturday, March 13, at 9 a.
No gasoline is sold in the park, and the stuff you can get at the general store in nearby Volcano Village is priced about 20 cents higher per gallon than what you'll find in Hilo.
To share the excitement of fresh heirloom vegetables with the community and to display some of the most popular heirloom seeds available, the local store known for its home canningexpertise, Red Hill General Store bucked the normal shopping center layout and planted a large garden built from recycled wood just outside its front door in The Falls River Town Center in North Raleigh, NC during the month of May.