general relativity

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a generalization of special relativity to include gravity (based on the principle of equivalence)

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conclusion corresponds to a severe failure of determinism in general relativity that cannot be taken lightly in view of the importance in modern cosmology," of accelerating expansion, said his colleagues at the University of Lisbon in Portugal, Vitor Cardoso, JoEo Costa and Kyriakos Destounis, and at Utrecht University, Aron Jansen.
According to general relativity, universes can have various shapes, and anti-de Sitter space is one of these possible shapes," (http://www.
Unlike other scientists who have tried to modify the theories of quantum mechanics or general relativity to resolve the issue, Wang and his colleagues Unruh and Zhen Zhu, also a UBC PhD student, suggest a different approach.
When he gave lectures about general relativity at Oxford University in 1931, the academic audience packed the hall, only to ebb away, baffled by his mathematics and his German, leaving only a small core of experts.
Most famously, general relativity differed from Newtonian gravity in how much it predicted starlight would bend when it flew close by the massive Sun.
But the theory of general relativity describes the interaction between matter and spacetime, and how matter curves the spacetime field.
The common board of Progress in Physics and The Abraham Zelmanov Journal therefore comprises and welcomes scientific pioneers, as ethically liberal-democratic and interdisciplinarily universal as possible: this, while the said board consists mostly of theoreticians and scientific creators in General Relativity, cosmology, and differential geometry at the heart of the Zelmanov Cosmological Group.
The hope is, then, that if we can find some dark corner of the universe where general relativity fails, perhaps because the gravitational fields it describes are so enormously strong, we might glimpse what extra ingredient is needed one that might point the way to a theory of quantum gravity.
By measuring the CMB polarization data provided by POLARBEAR, a collaboration of astronomers working on a telescope in the high-altitude desert of northern Chile designed specifically to detect "B-mode" polarization, the UC San Diego astrophysicists discovered weak gravitational lensing in their data that, they conclude, permit astronomers to make detailed maps of the structure of the universe, constrain estimates of neutrino mass and provide a firm test for general relativity.
Black holes are a natural consequence of Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.
com)-- 24 DNA, a privately held company in Sacramento, California, is disclosing a 100 plus pages Report titled “Revealed Universal Formula Unified General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics Also Identified 2 Parallel Universes” which they claimed to contain evidences of such a feat.
This workbook, with homework pages to be torn out and handed in, supports a one-semester introduction to general relativity at the junior or senior undergraduate level.
She begins with a very lucid separation of the topic into Special and General Relativity.
We can simply only consider the force exerted by the earth, according to the General Relativity, the time and space around the earth becomes winding.
General relativity extended special relativity to include the possibilities of accelerating observers and predicted what happens around nearby masses.
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