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a physician who is not a specialist but treats all illnesses

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In December 2017 - January 2018, seven offices of a general practitioner were built in Lipetsk, Yelets, Dobrinsky, Gryazinsky, Dolgorukovsky, Terbunsky and Chaplyginsky districts.
Using a simple decision rule and a finger prick to test blood, general practitioners may now be able to detect serious infections in children very quickly.
President of the society of general practitioners in Tunisia, Saida Hajji Zarrouk said the purpose of this meeting is to strengthen cooperation between Maghreb doctors through the consolidation of partnership between Maghreb societies of general practitioners and the exchange of expertise between Maghreb professionals.
Other books focused on the industry dedicate some space to this topic, but Music Law for the General Practitioner devotes extra time here, with discussion of financing (an important topic missing from some other books).
The general practitioner had pleaded not guilty and denied breaching any medical instructions.
Under the abovementioned amendments, the cost of visiting a general practitioner will be determined by the Council of Ministers.
The general practitioner portfolio is based in London and employs 33 people.
clinic has 5 consultation suites and offers General Practitioner consultation services.
The analysis included 16 instruments; the Memory Impairment Screen, the Mini-Cog, and the General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition were the best tools for routine screening, based on validity, accuracy, and time to administer/ease of use.
Lyndhurst Medical Building will house general practitioner and specialist medical offices, equipped with MRI machines, medical equipment used for lab testing and a Centria panel roof screen that will conceal related equipment installed on the roof.
If after 7 days you see no improvement (or symptoms are worse), visit your general practitioner or a sports medicine physician.
John Malthouse, chairman of Practice Society, said the Institutes general practitioner panel was reaching out to all general practitioner members, most of whom were in smaller firms, to create a coherent body which, as well as providing key services, will give its members some real influence over issues affecting them and the profession as a whole.
Registration with a general practitioner gives free access to medical services and is available to all Danish citizens.
In The Netherlands, the Dutch College of General Practitioners issues guidelines for the general practitioner.
The text is clearly written and well illustrated, and altogether it is a good guide for the general practitioner as well as for students.
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