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a physician who is not a specialist but treats all illnesses

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British Medical Association Wales, which represents thousands of medical professionals, claims "fundamental changes" are needed to make general practice in Wales viable in the long-term.
This will give patients a medical home and assist general practices to tailor services to their community, while supporting patient choice and competition.
He said the DHB, along with primary health organisation West Coast Primary Health, and Better Health, a company contracted to provide management services for general practices owned by the DHB, were helping with the practice's transition to the new owners.
The total cost associated with prescriptions issued by general practices in England and Wales rose from [pounds sterling]8.
Professor Steve Field, chief inspector of general practice at the Care Quality Commission, and who is himself a GP at Bellevue Medical Centre in Birmingham, said: "When we find that general practices are providing inadequate services, the public special measures regime will give practices clear deadlines to make the necessary improvements.
Professor Steve Field, chief inspector of general practice at the CQC, said: "While it is positive that over 80% of general practices are currently a low concern, there is no reason for complacency.
GENERAL practices in Wales could collapse unless a greater share of the NHS budget is allocated to the sector, a medical body has warned.
This is vital as general practice takes on more complex patients, more patients move from hospital to care in the community and also all the other things general practices do, such as commissioning, it is essential therefore that plans are made, as a matter of urgency, regarding investment within general practice to attract GPs back again.
I think the argument about whether health visitors are based in children's centres or based in general practices is missing the point.
Around 60% of general practices employ practice nurses who work collaboratively with doctors.
Most GPs and the North East Regional Council of the BMA believe the introduction of these unproven ideas will de-stabilize some general practices, lead to an impersonal service and cause greater inconvenience to patients.
THE prospect of several new general practices within Redcar & Cleveland at first seems very attractive, particularly as they are open for extended hours.
Can we say the same about private companies answerable only to their shareholders, who might end up running the general practices and employing the GPs of the future?
I believe small, general practices will he able to withstand the challenges thrust on them; they will prosper and continue to serve their clients' general interest.
The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to public and private hospitals, as well as General Practices and other healthcare service organisations.
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