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in general physiology, the book explains the Religious Right's strategy for working "intelligent design" creationism into America's public schools.
A REPORT in the Journal of General Physiology has revealed that the poison of a tarantula spider may help save the lives of heart attack and brain tumour sufferers.
The first edition of "Lactic Acid Bacteria" reviewed developments in the study of lactic acid bacteria, an overview of the taxonomy and general physiology of lactic acid bacteria, a discussion of the genetics of lactic acid bacteria and a chapter on the technological aspects of manufacturing functional lactic acid bacteria starters.
Its products include sleep disorder monitoring and analysis systems, telemedical imaging systems, and neurology, electromyography, cardiology and general physiology monitoring and analysis systems.
These two directions in Astore's work converge in his interest in anatomy--the human or animal body seen through the lens of the general physiology of living creatures.
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