general ledger

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the ledger that contains all of the financial accounts of a business

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Ensure all high- and medium-risk accounts are reconciled in time to incorporate all identified general ledger adjustments into the earnings release.
Many of the line items of income and expense in the Schedule are not currently included in separate general ledger accounts.
Westpac processes nearly 1 million journal entries daily and runs against a database more than 450GB in size, making Westpac's Oracle General Ledger implementation one of the largest in the world.
Modify the general ledger to accommodate ABC information.
Financial Management: Accounts Payable, General Ledger, HR/Payroll, Materials Management, Fixed Assets
Several discrepancies surfaced between the amounts recorded in the general ledger and amounts purported to be forgiven in letters submitted as evidence.
We recommend that the second sentence of this paragraph be revised to state that the imaging system and the taxpayer's books and records be referenced in a manner that provides an audit trail from the general ledger to the source documents and vice versa.
This is going to give our users another way to manipulate and present their general ledger data.
The demo shows you how to publish your general ledger trial balance in XBRL.
Specifically, we believe the IRS should eliminate the reconciliation of the taxpayer's detailed general ledger to specific line items on the tax return.
The general ledger system is Dun & Bradstreet Millennium running on an IBM mainframe.
sees clear benefits from the technology, "Manual preparation of SEC filings can be automated through simple tagging through the general ledger," he says.
Most companies lump M&E expenses in one type of general ledger account.
G/L Tie-Out Manager -- ensures that all reconciliation documents tie out to final general ledger balances; alerts finance executives to top level, fraudulent, and erroneous late adjusting entries.
The author shows a chart of accounts from a general ledger that summarizes various accounts, but neglects to mention most general ledger systems allow the accountant to expand the accounts to show direct costs by department, activity and other variables not just by department.
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