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a national or state election

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4per cent, well down on the General Election, when the seat was taken by Labour's Paul Daisley, whose death from cancer in June sparked Thursday's poll.
Appearing on a political debate TV program, DPJ Secretary General Azuma Koshiishi said, "We're not attending the current Diet session on the basis that the general election be held on Dec.
But Coun Hunt said: 'The council and the General Election are separate, so I am still a councillor and I still need to represent my ward.
The general election is not due until mid-2009 but there are predictions it will be called as early as the first quarter of this year.
However Glass's points out that the 24% fall in registrations during 1974, when there were two general elections, can be partly attributed to the oil crisis of that year.
However, the Party are frightened to get rid of Brown because that would trigger a general election which Labour are sure to lose.
The result raises serious doubts over the Tories' ability to make any sort of real breakthrough at the general election - now thought to be less than eight months away.
A guide to this year's General Election has been produced by a North East political expert.
Political analysts predict the general election will be held soon after the government in mid-February unveils its budget proposal for the coming financial year and after the budget has been debated and approved by Parliament, likely to take a couple of weeks.
Hills go 9-2 that the general election takes place between July and December 2009, but still have 2010 as their 4-6 favourite.
The Taoiseach repeated that the Dail will resume for a few weeks after Easter but hinted that whenever the General Election is held, polling will be on a Thursday.
This strategy of a June 7 General Election has won over the Prime Minister's mind because he believes it will show he cares about the countryside.
ISLAMABAD -- The General Election Inquiry Commission (GEIC) probing alleged rigging in the 2013 general elections on Tuesday said that the commission would not receive any documents further.
Parliament was officially dissolved on March 30, which officially kicked off the General election campaign.
History will judge it to be the most interesting, crucial and important General Election of this century so far.
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