general damages

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(law) compensation for losses that can readily be proven to have occurred and for which the injured party has the right to be compensated

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Guar had sued the company claiming N30 million as general damages and N25 million as special damages to compensate for the loss of share certificates he deposited with the company for verification and dematerialization in 2008 but which the company claimed to have lost without informing him of the loss until 2014.
Human plaintiffs may be awarded specific damages, general damages for both loss of reputation and hurt feelings (including aggravated damages), and punitive damages.
These damages were based on the costs of investigating the stolen funds, and also to recover general damages for him having stolen funds as a senior staff member.
In either case, the main component in assessing its value is likely to be the amount to consider as general damages.
Failure to do so constitutes invasion of privacy, and a breach of trust and confidence," the New Strait Times quoted Chew as saying while awarding Lee RM 25,000 in general damages and RM 10,000 in costs.
There is more consistency in payments in no-fault states because no-fault insurance does not pay for general damages.
a non-debilitating injury to muscle or ligaments) can recover a maximum of $4000 in general damages (2) from the at-fault driver.
The Court of Appeals held that "it is well settled that in breach of contract actions 'the non-breaching party may recover general damages that are the natural and probable consequence of the breach"' and that "when an insured .
He is not claiming any damages relating directly to his conviction or general damages to reflect his arrest or period of incarceration.
Among the implications of this research is the possibility that insurers will be less zealous in challenging fraudulent special damage claims under a third-party insurance regime than they will be under a first-party insurance regime in which access to general damages is limited.
On Thursday, the state judge who presided over the trial, Anne Bouliane, tentatively increased the $75 million in general damages to $284 million - the amount of money she determined that the Charlotte, N.
The patient sought special damages for medical bills totalling $261,285 and general damages for her hip injury, for her physical problems that developed later, and for the decubitus ulcers.
After a six-month trial on the merits, the Canadian court ruled that AREC had the right to foreclose on its security and that the corporate defendants and their principal were liable to pay $550,000 in general damages for acts of oppression and conspiracy.
A Kenyan industrialist is reportedly suing British Airways (BA) for general damages suffered during a flight with the airline.
General damages of between Pounds 1,000 and Pounds 15,000 will be awarded, with other payments of between Pounds 1,500 and Pounds 7,500.
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