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a military court to try members of the armed services who are accused of serious breaches of martial law

a trial that is conducted by a military court

subject to trial by court-martial

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Thus, while this Article discusses military jury practices within the context of an Army general court-martial, (51) the same features apply in any military trial, whether the defendant is a sailor, airman, marine, or coastguardsman.
Boston's trial by general court-martial was held in Hawaii from April 20-24, 1945.
Captain von Heer was tried by general court-martial on more than one occasion.
He thought the saboteurs could have been tried better either by commissions appointed by the commanding generals of New York and Florida, or by a military commission operating under the limitations of a general court-martial.
The New York Times covered the story of a general court-martial from December 1919 into early 1920.
A special court-martial, with maximum punishment of confinement for a year, is less severe than a general court-martial, which handles the most serious offenses, but tougher than a summary court martial, where maximum punishment is 30 days confinement.
Jenkins was tried in a hearing of the general court-martial, the highest-level court among three kinds of courts-martial.
of the Army Gene McKinney, the service's top enlisted soldier, was ordered Wednesday to face a general court-martial on sexual-misconduct charges involving accusations by six women.
82) The incidents were discovered after Solorio's transfer to New York, where a general court-martial was convened to try him for the alleged crimes in Alaska.
What follows is the story of CPT Kapranopoulos's general court-martial for the premeditated murder of these two Vietnamese civilians, a two-day affair that occurred shortly after Thanksgiving 1968 at the "Plantation" compound located east of Long Binh, Vietnam.
In late 1919, while serving as the judge advocate of the Central Department headquartered in Chicago, Saunders testified as a character witness for a defendant in a general court-martial at Governor's Island, New York.
Swift could have been referred for a general court-martial and the possibility of up to five years in prison.
22) He was tried by a general court-martial for conspiring with several soldiers to steal 36,000 batteries from an Army warehouse and for carrying out that plan.
Gunn, President of the general court-martial appointed by paragraph 3, Special Orders No.
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