general anesthesia

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a state of total unconsciousness resulting from anesthetic drugs (as for a major surgical operation)

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There are greater risks when a patient undergoes general anesthesia so the costs increase to accommodate for this.
This was supported by improved range of motion and functional results at a minimum 6 months following operative intervention in patients who received regional block anesthesia compared to those whom received general anesthesia only.
There are several reasons to want to avoid a failed epidural conversion and have to resort to general anesthesia, she noted in the interview.
A subset of 22 contemporaneous patients who underwent general anesthesia was compared with the 14 patients who underwent the new dexmedetomidine sedation technique.
In two analyses, patients who had general anesthesia had a markedly reduced incidence of Alzheimer's disease during follow-up, compared with those who had local anesthesia.
BEYOND THE ETHER Combining amnesia, sedation, immobility, and insensitivity to pain, general anesthesia is an unnatural state: a physician-induced "central nervous system dysfunction," in the words of Roderic Eckenhoff of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
Women who do not want to be unconscious during the procedure or do not want to risk undergoing general anesthesia may see medical abortion as a more desirable alternative.
It usually affects young to middle-age women who have a normal, near normal, or increased bladder capacity when measured under general anesthesia.
Local anesthesia is a condition when sensation within a specific body part in inhibited, where as general anesthesia results in loss of consciousness and sensation.
general anesthesia drugs market is bifurcated into intravenous and inhalational.
London, Dec 30 (ANI): Three neuroscientists have claimed that the brain under general anesthesia isn't "asleep" as surgery patients are often told - it is placed into a state that is a reversible coma.
WASHINGTON -- No significant differences in neonatal outcomes were found among premature infants of women who had spinal anesthesia versus general anesthesia for cesarean delivery, based on the results of a study of 78 deliveries.
It is especially useful in patients with medical comorbidities that preclude the use of general anesthesia, as in this case.
SAN ANTONIO -- Paravertebral block for the surgical treatment of breast cancer offers significant quality of life advantages over the long-standard practice of using general anesthesia, according to a prospective randomized trial.
Medical researchers have established a clear link between secondhand tobacco smoke and serious breathing problems for children who receive general anesthesia.
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