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A PRIVATE health centre in Cardiff Bay has been approved to perform surgery under general anaesthetic.
Patients wishing to have their operation under general anaesthetic still have the option of travelling to hospitals within the trust, after consulting their surgeon.
Lesley Gough, who runs children's dental services for Liverpool Primary Care Trust, said some 2,000 children a year were being given general anaesthetic formajor surgery.
All dental general anaesthetics have been administered in hospitals since the government banned their use in surgeries in January 2002, following a spate of patient deaths.
It was the effect of the drugs and, at that stage, two general anaesthetics in just a few days.
It is also alleged that Mr Beckett permitted a practice at the clinic whereby patients were asked to sign a consent form for operations under general anaesthetic by the receptionist before the patient had spoken to the dentist or anaesthetist.
Fellow committee member John Clancy (Lab, Quinton) added that a general anaesthetic facility means that patients would be unable to travel themselves, would likely come by car and therefore more parking is needed.
Four-year-old Jensen had to spend two nights in the children's ward when he tripped over and broke his wrist because he had to have a general anaesthetic and an operation to correct the break.
General anaesthetics suppress the central nervous system, to bring about unconsciousness and paralysis.
MORE five-year-olds in Liverpool have their teeth removed under general anaesthetic than any other age group, says Alder Hey Hospital.
There are now more five-year-olds in Liverpool having teeth out under general anaesthetic than any other age group.
Annie Casserley, from Streetly, West Midlands, underwent a Caesarean operation and awoke from a general anaesthetic she had requested to find her daughter Emma Hattersley holding the newborn.
Children who are petrified of the prospect of major dental surgery could be offered an alternative to general anaesthetic.
AFTER a Caesarean section went wrong, I ended up in severe pain and was put under general anaesthetic.
Fear of general anaesthetic is driving some to opt for spinal anaesthetics which numb only the pain on the part being operated on.
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