general anaesthesia

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a state of total unconsciousness resulting from anesthetic drugs (as for a major surgical operation)

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Growth of the global General Anaesthesia Drugs market is primarily driven by increasing incidence of surgeries related to cardiovascular diseases, accidents, carniomaxillofacial deformities, chronic respiratory disease, and joint replacement surgeries, especially among the geriatric population.
This report assesses trends driving each segment and offers analysis and insights about the potential of general anaesthesia drugs market in specific regions.
Local anaesthetic has been used in women receiving general anaesthesia and regional anaesthesia, and rarely local anaesthesia alone has been used when other anaesthesia was unavailable or unsafe.
5) single-blind under general anaesthesia placebo- controlled trial Givens et Randomised 36 women, planned CS al.
Where general anaesthesia is unavoidable the report highlights the need for high standards of practice and for stronger regulation.
The cooperative technique was successfully carried out in all but two patients, who were kept on general anaesthesia, while all of the remaining patients could respond to the surgeon's commands.
General anaesthesia is not just the disruption of consciousness.
No extractions under general anaesthesia have taken place at Peffermill since November.
If you receive sedation or general anaesthesia, you're taken to a recovery room after the procedure.
Following consultation between the neonatologist and plastic surgeons, the epulis was to be removed the following day under general anaesthesia.
Regional blockade in children is commonly performed after the induction of general anaesthesia(1), but general anaesthesia makes identification of the soft tissue landmarks (e.
General anaesthesia was most used between the hours of 0700 and 1700 h.
The authors of the audit presented here report that around 45% of the blocks were performed after the induction of general anaesthesia (1): this is appreciated by many patients, but not necessarily in line with the current international consensus (5-7).
We suggest that epidural anaesthesia should be used with care when combined with general anaesthesia for patients on long-standing tricyclic antidepressant therapy.
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