general anaesthesia

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a state of total unconsciousness resulting from anesthetic drugs (as for a major surgical operation)

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This clearly indicates that patients receiving total intravenous anesthesia (Propofol + succinylcholine) had mild cognitive deficits and patients in group B receiving general anaesthesia (Propofol + succinylcholine + isoflurane) showed moderate cognitive deficits.
The oral health status of medically and/or mentally compromised children and non-cooperative healthy children is poor because the provision of effective preventive therapies, access to dental general anaesthesia (GA) centers and acceptable dental treatment procedures are difficult in paediatric dentistry.
Complications of general anaesthesia such as pulmonary (atelectasis), vascular and neurological disorders (Brachial nerve injury), especially during change of the position are more likely than the spinal anaesthesia.
The important aim of this article concerning the implications of vasectomy under general anaesthesia is to create awareness of the challenges posed by difficult anatomical conditions of the patient for the urologist and for the anaesthetist, and which have not been reported in the literature but need to be known due to the risk they entail.
8% share of the global general anaesthesia drugs market by end of 2015, and is expected to register a robust CAGRs of 5.
Presently, Maruishi is applying for a manufacture and marketing license for Remifentanil injection, which is widely used as an opioid analgesic ([micro sign]-opioid receptor agonist) to manage general anaesthesia.
General anaesthesia for a healthy fearful child is extremely safe and in the long run is the best out- come for the profession and patient0.
The total number of patients enrolled to the trial were 1308 out of which 972 patients received spinal anaesthesia and 336 patients were given general anaesthesia.
Carotid endarterectomy: general anaesthesia with remifentanyl conscious sedation vs loco-regional anaesthesia.
Subgroup analysis was for women who had general anaesthesia versus regional analgesia.
During the study, the patients received conventional general anaesthesia up to the time that the carotid artery was clamped, which is done for allowing the surgeon to repair it.
In this issue of the journal, Dr John Carmody reviews some aspects of the mechanisms of general anaesthesia (1).
A survey of 200 pediatric dental general anaesthesia cases.
A Government review has now recommended that general anaesthesia for dental treatment should be administered only in hospital by January 2002 in England.
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